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The "best", looked up in the dictionary, means the highest quality and highest standard. Professional and understanding staff, with the helpful hands of an excellent after-sale service, grants you a secure investment and a perfect home under the Spanish Sun. Take the opportunity and let us demonstrate to you how simple it can be to enjoy a real quality property: ask for the best, as less is not enough.


Quality seems to be the most incorrectly used word for describing “everything” that has been built with bricks! Quality is the balance between materials, workmanship, design, location, sales-price and it should be backed up with the with service and responsibility of an experienced company. For all our Villas & Apartments, we have backed up every aspect of the building process with our experience and knowledge of all past constructions which has undertaken the design of our current developments.

It has always been Activa’s intention to transmit both the transparency of every step of the building and the selling process, as well the quality of the materials involved.

Believing that it is not just materials that are making a good construction! Our policy therefore has been always that properties have to be built for people by people with the highest level of responsibility. That is what should be called Quality.
Our team

Hans E. Hahn

C.E.O. Managing Director

Tanja Penava

Interior Design

Octavio López

Account Managing

Elena Morandini

Plus Department

Miguel Lozano

Marketing &
Corporate Design

Javier Boix

Chief Arquitect

Claudia Hanna

Agent Manager

Oleg Veselov

Project Manager

Carmen Cabarcos

Communication & Coordination

Vegar Skumlien

Property Consultant

Jacek Mrozowski

Property Consultant

Charlotte Vanneste

Property Consultant

Laureen Gerber

Property Consultant

Marleen van der Velden

Property Consultant

Sviatoslav Jakubovskij

Property Consultant

Víctor Mazón

Legal Department

Francisco Mazón

Construction & Development

Ralph Hahn

Home Service