Buying Process

Activa will supervise the purchasing process from the decision to buy through completion, property handover and after-sale.
We will help you with the opening of a Bank account and choosing a good, independent Legal & Fiscal Representative. We will arrange, should you require it, the setting up of a Mortgage, and of course, the connection to the main supplies (water, electricity etc.).
The Activa Plus Department will arrange the furnishing and decoration of your home, landscaping of your garden and a full maintenance of your home, pool and garden.
Helping make the process hassle-free.

Discover Activa

Why not take the opportunity to discover the area when interested in an Activa property?
Activa Discovery Tour will give you the possibility to get to know the area and help you find the Home of your dreams! Without pressure, stress or any obligations!

Legal Services

We always suggest the assistance of a local lawyer when purchasing a property abroad. It will give you the peace of mind and full support for all the bureaucratic process.
We recommend the best professionals, according to your specific profile (Country of origin and language) and purchase conditions.


If you wish to obtain a Mortgage for the purchase of your property, we will arrange the whole process. We work with a large numbers of banks and brokers who will give you the most suitable conditions based on your financial profile.


Our Plus department offers the possibility of making you feel at home from the very first day as of the Handing over of your property. We like to think that we sell homes more than houses. This means that any detail is major for us in order to make you feel surrounded by something that is much more than four walls and a roof.
Your home is a reflection of your inner self: our Plus staff will help you choose the best furniture on the market, not only in material quality, but design and taste. You will receive your home fully furnished and landscaped, allowing you to enjoy it with little or no fuss in regards to the moving in process.